Achieve eCommerce Success as a B2B Manufacturer

B2B is gaining traction online. More than ever, consumers, reps, resellers, distributors, and dealers are now expecting to engage with your business through digital mediums. Reps are looking for automated tools to help them sell your products at scale. Consumers are looking for immediate, relevant, and accurate access to information from any device and at any time. Before making a purchase, there are increasing expectations for a personalized experience. Leverage effective B2B features and a powerful eCommerce platform for a full digital commerce solution.

Online Trends for Brand Manufacturers

As expectations for online commerce continue to grow stronger over the years, the Silk team works diligently to align our expertise with the necessary trends to be competitive in today’s market. Receive a detailed manufacturer eCommerce solution geared towards driving efficiency and value for your customers, internal resources, and external representatives to give you a step up on your competition.

Automate the daily interactions with your distributors, dealers and retailers. Provide your customers with self-servicing utilities to check status, submit orders and quotes, access product information, view pricing and availability, and download materials.

Although your channel partners are critical, there may be unique opportunities to sell directly and build relationships with your end consumers. Consider the segments of your catalog that can be profitably sold directly to your consumers, without upsetting your channel partners (i.e. spare parts).

Reps and resellers rely on your business to provide the essential toolsets to make them successful. Provide a rich online catalog to support your reps and resellers as they push your products to market.

If your products are complex, your customers may need a visual experience before they are comfortable making a purchase. Enable your reps and resellers to sell even the most complex systems online.

It is critical that your products and services are accessible from anywhere at any time. Mobile apps can provide reps, resellers, or even end consumers a unique experience with your products and services.

Personalization is key to moving manual offline activities to online mediums. By leveraging your customer data, your customer’s experience will be personalized from day one, and will continue to improve over time.

Boost Productivity Across Key Departments

As a brand manufacturer, you are constantly striving to provide the best experience for your customers through your products and services. Your brand reflects your ability to consistently deliver that experience across all your key customer touchpoints. This consistency requires careful coordination across all key departments within your organization, including engineering, manufacturing, operations, product marketing, and sales.

Manufacturing + Operations

From the exact moment an order is submitted to the second it leaves your factory, your eCommerce solution will assist you with accuracy, automation, and quality control.

  • → Order Entry Accuracy
  • → Product Lifecycle Management
  • → Shop Floor Management
  • → Freight and Logistics
  • → Operating Procedures

Product Marketing

As the face of your products and services, it is critical you have the utilities needed to deliver a clear brand experience across all channels with key eCommerce tools.

  • → Content Management
  • → Marketing Automation
  • → User Behavioral Tracking
  • → Product Information Management
  • → Digital Asset Management

Reps + Resellers

In this role, given you are closest to the customer, get the online tools necessary to educate your buyer and manage your sales process with a seamless experience.

  • → Accurate + Rich Product Content
  • → Easy Reordering Functions
  • → Customer Self-Service Features
  • → Quotes and Projects
  • → Configure, Price, Quote (CPQ)

Digital Managers + Directors

Strengthen the image of your brand, products, and services with the right eCommerce tools, data, and flexibility to provide a unified experience across all customer touchpoints.

  • → Omni-Channel Experiences
  • → Flexibility, Scalability + Security
  • → Speed to Market
  • → Administrative Governance
  • → Reporting + KPI Management

Ericson Manufacturing’s Success Story →

For over 100 years, Ericson Manufacturing has been an innovator in safe and cost-effective power and lighting systems solutions. Read how this manufacturer established a unified web presence with a scalable B2B eCommerce solution.

Leveraging the strengths of a robust eCommerce platform, CRM capabilities, and ERP solution, Ericson’s B2B business quickly launched online.

Leveraging the strengths of a robust eCommerce platform, CRM capabilities, and ERP solution, Ericson’s B2B business quickly launched online.

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