Silk Helps Grow eCommerce Business Using the Powerful Magento 2 Cloud Platform


Acrylite is a trademark under manufacturer company Evonik Industries. It specializes in providing acrylic products to a broad range of markets for use by designers, engineers, architects, fabricators, and more. As a global company with a worldwide audience, Evonik Industries turned to Silk to be their expert solution partner for building both their B2B and B2C websites on the Magento 2 Cloud platform.


Evonik Industries sought to create a more user-friendly tool for customers to custom order and size materials on their website. They also needed assistance with an SAP-B1 integration and wanted to provide their customers with a better mobile experience along with a faster checkout process. Overall, the company was looking to work with Silk and Magento to set up a strong eCommerce foundation that would be able to improve upon their current processes and support their future plans for internationalization.


With a clear understanding of Evonik Industries’ goals, the Silk team put together an eCommerce solution to meet and exceed their expectations. Silk designed and implemented a cut to size tool for the site, which would allow customers to easily customize and then order their materials from the online store. A seamless integration with SAP-B1 was formed along with an improved site architecture, a mobile friendly design, and a faster cart and checkout process. Evonik Industries was provided with a more efficient workflow to support their order management system on the back-end as well. Silk also created a stable Magento 2 Cloud environment that would allow for the company’s scalability in the future.


As a result of the eCommerce solution that Silk helped put into place, Evonik Industries now enjoys and smoother and more profitable online business. There has been a steady increase in the number of custom cut orders and mobile transactions they receive from their online store. Due to more automated back-end processes, there has been a decrease in the number of order errors. With improved order management and warehouse processes through SAP-B1 and a customized workflow utilizing the Magento back-end, Evonik Industries has been able to cut down on the amount of time and costs previously needed to manage these processes and can now direct their focus towards growing their business around the world.

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