Go Global and Accelerate Your Successful Entry into the China Market

As an online retailer ready to expand your business into international markets, look no further than the world’s fastest growing eCommerce market: China. To successfully penetrate this trillion-dollar market, you’ll need a solution that delivers an in-depth knowledge of the region’s consumer behaviors and operations. Utilize the right resources to seamlessly fit into the ecosystem with localized language, user experience, payment, and logistics support.

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Omnichannel Retail Launch in China

Hear how this fast-growing retail brand is expanding its digital commerce business into China on the Magento Commerce platform alongside key partners like Silk Software and Alibaba Cloud.

Magento Accelerator for China Commercial Customers

Quickly benefit by establishing a localized eCommerce presence in China. Receive a simple end-to-end solution that leverages the powerful capabilities of Magento Commerce, Alibaba Cloud, and Silk Software’s proven implementation process to get launched in as little as 10 weeks!

With an enterprise license included with your solution, leverage the power of this unparalleled commerce platform to deliver exceptional customer shopping experiences now and into the future.

From design and development to stabilization and support, receive an end-to-end implementation that includes all the essentials and localized features you need to grow your business online.

Get a powerful cloud hosting solution included with your accelerator solution. Perform under pressure with a reliable, scalable, and secure hosting provider and support from Silk.

Localized Features for the China Market →

Attract and Engage with local consumers in the region with a comprehensive suite of features


Utilize native Chinese translations and fully localized Chinese language support for the website store front to ensure local users easily understand your site.


Offer the ability to use localized payment methods including Alipay and WeChat Pay, which are two of the most predominant payment methods in the region.

User Experience

Create a tailored mobile customer experience with features including integrated WeChat ID login, address automation support, Chinese social sharing and more.


Integrated with Kuaidi100 for shipment tracking, receive support for the most popular domestic logistics providers in the region to monitor shipments in real time.

Reach New Heights as a Global Brand →

Entering a new market is easier and more profitable than you might expect. Create excellent localized shopping experiences and fit seamlessly into China’s eCommerce ecosystem with a complete solution.

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