Silk Delivers Customized UI/UX Design to eCommerce Platform Enabling a Seamless Ordering System


StatLab Medical is a leading specialty supplier focused on providing medical supplies to over 3,000 laboratories across the U.S. With their current ordering processes diverting their staff away from other services to focus on processing an overwhelming number of manual order entries, StatLab urgently needed to transition to a more efficient system. Silk’s demonstrated expertise and experience working with ECC and Magento for both B2B and B2C led StatLab to naturally turn to Silk for the solution.


With large order volumes to process manually, StatLab’s customer service representatives were forced to allocate most of their limited time towards entering orders instead of focusing on their main task – providing excellent customer service. In addition to facing a time-consuming process for orders on the back end, StatLab also saw a need to create a faster and simpler buying experience for making purchases on the front end that could handle their unique pricing system. Otherwise, they risked driving their customers away without a compatible eCommerce system that could best handle their orders.

StatLab approached Silk with a list of functions that needed improvement including slow site speed, no effective automated ordering system, mobile friendly site issues, heavy ongoing maintenance costs, and more. Silk was ready to take on the task of improving Statlab’s eCommerce platform and providing the tools for StatLab to better manage their business processes.


Silk tailored and implemented a solution specific to StatLab’s buying and order processing needs. Customized Quick Order Forms, Order by SKU Forms, and improved Customer Account Menus were developed to provide full visibility for order statuses, shipments, invoices, and other important information. Unique UX workflows, custom UI design, and custom theming were also created and embedded to make it easier for customers to purchase StatLab products.

The solution was created by Silk to leverage customized functionality for a better StatLab customer experience. In addition, StatLab’s internal processes were improved, with a more time-efficient system that can maximize their resources.


With Silk’s customized solution for StatLab, the customer experience for buyers visiting their website is better than ever. StatLab has now gained insight and better visibility into the ordering patterns of their consumers which they can use as a stepping stone to further fuel their growth. With a shift to an ordering system that utilizes automation, customized order forms, and an improved checkout process, StatLab has seen a dramatic decrease in the amount of time needed to manually manage orders and has increased their overall efficiency. After partnering with Silk and successfully improving their eCommerce platform, StatLab can now return their focus to what matters most – providing their customers with high quality products and excellent customer service.

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