Silk Builds Product Finder to Help Customers Find Exact Part

Moving Up Garage Doors is a leading supplier in the garage door industry. Having been in the industry for many years, their web presence began to show it’s age with an outdated non-responsive website. Seeking to rejuvenate it’s online web presence and get in touch with today’s mobile savvy consumers, Moving Up Garage Doors turned to Silk to bring them into today’s modern eCommerce arena.

Silk started with migrating their current Yahoo store to Magento, all of their product, order and customer data was migrated to Magento seamlessly. Silk designers then provided a custom responsive design that incorporated a more modern approach to aesthetics simultaneously incorporating best practice user experience. On top of the re-design SILK developed a custom feature allowing for users of the site to search for specific parts using various search criteria including: Brand, Model Number & Product Type. Given the vast amount of parts that comprise garage door components, this tool has allowed customers to search for the exact piece they’re looking for instead of having to purchase the entire part.

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