B2B eCommerce Site Built by Silk on Magento 2 Platform Successfully Incorporates Complex B2B Order, Pricing, and Processing Requirements


From phone cases and battery packs, to travel bags, keyboards, and adapters, Moshi creates premium accessories and supplementary electronics that are designed to enhance and protect their customer’s devices: mobile phones, tablets, and computers. Moshi was looking to create a B2B website and portal to strengthen their B2B business and turned to Silk to deliver a tailored eCommerce solution hosted on the Magento 2 platform.


Moshi needed to build a secure, login-protected site capable of handling their complex order, processing, and pricing rules for their B2B customers. In addition, the platform would need to be able to account for customer specific special negotiations and exceptions while avoiding fraud and errors. While pricing for their B2B customers was structured according to different tiers, there was also special contract pricing terms that did not fit into these tiers and needed to be taken into consideration. There needed to be a secure connection and integration with ERP system SAP Business One to sync customer and order information, the ability to accept multiple payment methods, and processes created to replace manual order entry and decrease overhead costs.


Silk established the connection from Moshi’s B2B portal to their ERP system to sync the information between eCommerce and operations. The wholesalers could now be sure that they were seeing the correct customer, order, and pricing information as established in their ERP system. To avoid fraud and inaccurate information on the eCommerce site, individual B2B buyers could not simply create their own or multiple customer accounts. Instead, the information synced over from the ERP system would provide the accurate store addresses, buyer information, and establish account ownership as authorized and verified by the company.

Different payments methods were also established in accordance to the negotiated shipping terms established between Moshi and their B2B customers, including paying on account or with credit card. Quick order forms, order by SKU, and upload by SKU were all implemented to assist Moshi with their wholesale ordering process and make it easier for repeat purchases by their customers.


With the ability to handle these different B2B complexities on the Magento 2 platform, Moshi now has a successfully developed self-service B2B portal and eCommerce site for their B2B customers. Account users have access to view their account details without needing to call a customer service representative. They can see past orders online, not only on paper, and can review purchases along with their account balances from paying on terms. Internally, Moshi saw an improvement in the efficiency of their overall wholesale ordering process after moving away from manual order entry and a successful sync with their ERP system. Along with help from Silk, Moshi is able to establish a successful B2B Magento 2 site integrated with SAP-B1 that smoothly incorporated their complex customer variances.

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