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Sonic Eraser, Clear Bi-Light, Eye-o-Sonic, and The Soniclear… Powerful devices packed into an Imperial Cruiser? No, powerful skin-enhancing tools. Along with a complete line of natural skin care products, these little miracles were developed by skin-care leader Michael Todd True Organics. Indeed, the company’s cutting edge products had performed admirably in the US. Now it was time to step onto the international stage. Unfortunately, the lone US site didn’t have the reach to go the distance; it was strictly single currency (dollar) and single language (English). To develop a much-needed expansion plan, Michael Todd selected Magento-certified Silk Software.


Silk devised a multi-website expansion strategy that covered Western Europe , Canada , Germany , UK , Central Europe , and International English. Each would incorporate language and currency functionalities geared to its particular market segment. As the expansion progressed, Silk tackled key issues such as mobile experience. Mobile usage was hampered on the US site by shaky navigation and a very frustrating incompatibility with certain devices. That would have to change. Content for each site was translated via Magento’s Translation Packs. The one exception was product descriptions. These are beyond the ken of Magento and therefore were handled by an overseas translator. Silk also addressed the crucial global delivery issue by developing a custom shipping module fully integrated with DHL.


Powered by Silk’s Magento expertise, the newly-launched international sites are up and running with relentless precision. Each incorporating Silk’s redesigned mobile interface, the sites offer a dramatically-improved mobile experience and full compatibility with all devices. Smoother navigation also distinguishes the new sites from the previous US-only destination. Additionally, Silk’s custom inventory module has tightened up product management, while its DHL-integrated shipping module has greatly streamlined the shipping process. These solutions have raised efficiency levels, as well as provided significant time and cost savings. We’re pleased to say that Michael Todd True Organics continues to rely on Silk for expert Magento support through our Managed Services program. As with all of our other valued partners, we look forward to a long and productive relationship with Michael Todd True Organics.

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