Kidsland Successfully Launches Custom Baby Registry Module After Making the Switch to BigCommerce


Kidsland is a premier baby boutique operating out of Los Angeles and serves families as a one-stop shop for all of their baby needs, whether they are looking for strollers, car seats, carriers, playards, or other related items for their little ones. Looking to offer a custom Baby Registry feature for their online customers on a platform that would meet their eCommerce needs and requirements, Kidsland turned to Silk Software and BigCommerce to deliver the optimal solution.


Facing difficulty in integrating with and managing their ERP and hosting their own server on their previous platform, Kidsland needed a solution that would allow their small team to easily maintain their eCommerce site. Kidsland was also looking to resolve incompatibility issues with the functionality of their Baby Registry and therefore create a new module that would be capable of handling their Baby Registry requirements. Alongside a full site migration to the BigCommerce platform, Kidsland was also looking to use BigCommerce’s Wishlist feature as a Baby Registry module but found that the existing Wishlist functionality didn’t fully cover the customizations and capabilities they were looking to offer in their Baby Registry.


Silk Software helped Kidsland migrate all their data and reproduce their front-end site onto BigCommerce while leveraging BigCommerce’s API and the customizability of pages on the BigCommerce platform to create a custom Baby Registry module. To address their specific needs, Silk Software architected an external application that would deliver a fully functional Baby Registry feature by utilizing BigCommerce’s RESTful API. By taking advantage of the Products API, the Silk team was able to retrieve and display the products that would be added in a Baby Registry. The ability to create custom pages with Stencil also helped the team implement the necessary pages to deliver a fully functional Baby Registry to Kidsland.

The Baby Registry module Silk developed utilizing BigCommerce’s RESTful API and page customizability enables users to create a registry, add products to it, and share their registry with others. Customers can look up registries by the owners’ name, see which products have already been purchased, add products from the registry directly to their cart, automatically apply that purchase to update the registry, and ship directly to the address provided by the registry owner.


Leveraging the powerful capabilities of the BigCommerce platform, Silk Software was able to deliver a successful site to Kidsland that encompassed their custom requirements and would allow them the ease of use and management they had been unable to find on their previous platform. Kidsland no longer needs to worry about hosting their own server and is now able to provide a Baby Registry feature for their customers without having users link to a different domain.

With the Baby Registry functionality built within their BigCommerce store and easily maintainable within the platform, Kidsland site users can search for registries, add products from them, see what has already been purchased, and ship to the registry owner without the registry owner giving their address. By making the switch to BigCommerce, Kidsland now has a one-stop platform for easy end-to-end eCommerce management that keeps shoppers on their site, generates more user activity and referrals, and increases revenue on their own store.

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