Silk Delivered a Well-Built Website that Conformed to FDA Requirements and Catered to Dental Professionals


Founded by Dr. Gerald Niznick, Implant Direct has built an international reputation as an innovator in the dental implant industry. Named the “Godfather of American Implant Dentistry” by Barrons Magazine, Dr. Niznick has grown the B2B company steadily over the last three decades. Now with offices in several countries, they have developed an impressive online presence, processing hundreds of orders a day. As Implant Direct grew, they began searching for a better web solution and called on Silk to help take their website to the next level.


Ensuring that dental professionals order the correct implant devices and necessary tools was critical. Any error could mean a delay in surgery, or at worst, loss of life. The existing Implant Direct website was based on the Volusion platform, and they needed a backend solution that could be tailored to their unique product mix and prevent any ordering mishaps. Additionally, Implant Direct needed the new site to integrate with SyteLine, their ERP system.


The Silk team based the new site on the Magento Enterprise Premium platform and worked with a Magento Core Consultant to extend the standard product functionality and create sophisticated product relationships to guard against mistakes during the ordering process. A Tool Verification Module was added to assist customers in identifying the proper implant parts and tools. Silk Magento certified developers also built an advanced product review system, requiring each individual order to be reviewed by a customer service representative before any item is shipped, as another layer of protection against order errors.

The SyteLine ERP system was integrated seamlessly. Members of the Silk team went the extra mile, explaining the ERP integration process in detail to the group at Implant Direct, helping them to understand each step and feel comfortable with the transition.


Silk delivered a well-built website that conformed to FDA requirements and catered to dental professionals with a concise, easy to navigate look. The expertise of the Silk developers guaranteed that the solution to Magento migration went smoothly, so that hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of orders were processed each day without interruption. With all of the verification modules and order review protocols in place, Implant Direct can be confident that every order shipped is error free and safe.

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