Silk Exceeds Client Expectations with Yahoo Store to Magento Migration


High Fashion Home is a Houston, TX based home furnishing retailer that specializes high-end, eclectic and modern home furnishing products. Their 125,000-squarefoot home furnishing emporium offers an endless selection of exclusive furniture, fabrics, clothing, gifts, and accessories from around the world. High Fashion Home believes decorating is not a destination-it’s a journey!

Key Highlights Include:

  • Amazon Cloudfront Content Delivery Network
  • Nextopia Integration
  • Magento Migration
  • Magic Zoom Plug-in


This year, as High Fashion Home’s success continued to grow, so did the problems with its eCommerce platform. With their current website implemented in Yahoo Stores, High Fashion Home began to feel the limitations of this outdated platform. One of the primary concerns for High Fashion was to find a solution that would fulfill their need for higher-resolution product images. They felt they could better connect with their online customers if they could showcase their high-quality products through better imagery.

In addition to enhancing the images of their products, High Fashion was also interested in updating the design of their website. As a high-end home furnishing retailer, High Fashion wanted a sophisticated up-scale design that was in-sync with their corporate identity.

On top of revamping the entire design of the website and enhancing the visual appeal of their products, Silk was only given a 3-month time frame to complete the project.


In order to meet High Fashion’s requirements, Silk completed a Yahoo Stores to Magento migration. Once the migration was complete, our development team researched the market to find the best possible solution to enhance product images. A combination of a Magento plug-in called Magic Zoom coupled with the Amazon Cloudfront content delivery network enabled the new High Fashion Home website to display large, crisp and extremely detailed product images.

During the design process, High Fashion referred our designers to leading industry websites such as for inspiration. Our design team worked tirelessly to design the new site taking into consideration industry standards as well as client guidelines.


Our design and development team worked around the clock to meet the client’s deadline and on November 6, 2013, just a couple of months after our initial meeting the new High Fashion Home website went live.

From a visual standpoint, our design team incorporated several modern website design concepts to give the new site a more updated look, simultaneously adhering to client guidelines to maintain the client’s corporate identity. The end result – a more visually engaging website that reinforces the strong company brand.

The implementation of the Magic Zoom plug-in coupled with the Amazon Cloudfront content delivery network drastically increased the visual appeal of the client’s product catalog. Visitors of the site are now able to closely examine each and every product by “zooming in” on product images to review vital details prior making purchase decisions. This key functionality has been instrumental in strengthening the relationship with the company’s online clientele.

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