Harvard Business Journal


Looking to maintain their Adobe Experience Manager functionality while leveraging BigCommerce’s B2B capabilities for Shopping Cart and Checkout, Harvard Business Publishing needed a commerce solution that would provide them with the right tools and resources to handle their multiple integrations, order processes, and custom CMS.


The Silk Team successfully handled the different key integrations required, including those involving custom PIM and Oracle ERP. Leveraging B2B application Bundle B2B to enhance BigCommerce’s Price Lists function, Harvard Business Publishing was also equipped with the tools they needed to manage custom pricing and catalogs for different universities. Taking into consideration the different B2B functionalities and integrations required, Silk put together the optimal commerce solution on the BigCommerce platform to best support their personalized eCommerce needs.


Following the successful launch of their new site, Harvard Business Publishing could now properly manage their course pack offerings for various professors at different universities with the correct tailored pricing. Equipped with fully automated reporting and data management, the new site would allow Harvard Business Publishing to improve their overall online ordering processes.

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