Silk Delivers High Performing B2B Website Utilizing Epicor Commerce Connect (ECC) and Prophet 21 (P21) ERP System


CW Hayden provides a wide variety of clients with a large assortment of industrial gear and equipment. The company strives to deliver these products in a cost effective and timely manner. With a slow performing site trying to handle a massive volume of over 100,000 products and a product taxonomy with 6-7 existing levels, CW Hayden turned to Silk Software to deliver a comprehensive and tailored eCommerce solution for their challenge. Silk created a plan for CW Hayden to improve their complex product organization structure, provide customers with a better user experience, and allow for efficient data management and desired functionality.


The company’s existing website was facing significant issues with performance and site speed due to a large product taxonomy and heavy data management. Given the immense number of B2B products with well over 60,000-70,000 product SKUs to manage, CW Hayden needed to find the right website design and template that would fit with their business needs. With a diverse assortment of filterable attributes, the company also needed to build a category structure that would allow their customers to navigate through their desired products more easily.


Silk worked with CW Hayden to select a simplistic website theme capable of handling their requirements. This included specific pricing per customer and fast ordering features such as quick order forms and order by SKU. A simplified mega menu and category tree were created to encompass all the large inventory and allowed for an easier purchasing process for customers. Through improvement of the product and category taxonomy and allowing for processes that reduced the checkout process time for customers, CW Hayden was becoming fully integrated into an efficient ERP centric system that worked with their business.


Not only did CW Hayden’s annual revenue grow as a result of their new and easy-to-use purchase oriented eCommerce store, but the company’s internal product management process saw a notable improvement. The company now had a site capable of managing their large volume of inventory. With a high performing website representative of their brand and optimizing UI/UX Design in accordance with their specific guidelines and requirements, the company’s customers now continue to enjoy a fast checkout process and navigation through the products. Silk continues to enhance features and provide ongoing support for CW Hayden through our Managed Services Program and looks forward to continuing to provide tools for CW Hayden to further boost their eCommerce growth.

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