Leveraging Magento 2 Cloud and Silk’s eCommerce Expertise Leads to Successful Online Business


Cool Hockey is a sports apparel company based in Canada, specializing in customizing officially licensed NHL hockey jerseys. With 90% of their products currently being sold in the U.S. market, Cool Hockey was looking to transition to a more efficient eCommerce platform that would allow their customers to have an optimal mobile experience and fast and easy checkout. Using SILK’s immense eCommerce experience and the powerful Magento 2 Cloud platform, the company was ready to take its online business to the next level.


One of the major challenges Cool Hockey was looking to resolve was being able to increase their onsite conversion rate and decrease cart abandonment while reducing their administrative and order fulfillment time and costs. They turned to Silk for a streamlined solution that would provide more automation for these processes. In addition, there was a need to improve upon the UX for their custom jersey personalization tool, create a seamless integration with SAP-B1, and allow different currencies to be accepted through the site.


By leveraging the Magento 2 Cloud platform, Cool Hockey would now be equipped with the tools and functionality they needed to achieve their desired goals. Silk created a customized and responsive mobile design that provided the optimal user experience for online buyers across all devices. A variety of successful integrations including those with Channel Advisor and SAP-B1 were also implemented to contribute to Cool Hockey’s overall online efficiency. Silk also prepared a single instance of Magento that could support the multi-store requirements the business was looking to have as they continue to grow and expand.


Through their partnership with Silk and Magento, Cool Hockey enjoyed a successful site launch and propelled their online business to run better than ever. They saw improved Google rankings as a result of starting to use a mobile friendly site. The site speed increased, and more order fulfillment and administrative functions were automated to lessen processing time. With the implementation of an enhanced checkout process, Cool Hockey also accomplished their goal of seeing an increase in their customer conversion rate.

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