Silk Helps Entrepreneur Achieve California Dream

Hand-made, hand-poured and hand-packaged in California, Coastal Salt and Soul’s small-batch scented home & body products are made from natural sea ingredients, sun-warmed herbs and ocean botanicals inspired by the California coastline.

Currently, their line of candles, body creams, soaps and scrubs can be found in high-end retailers and boutiques across the country, and as their brand continues to grow, the need for a B2C and B2B site became evident.

Silk worked very closely with the Coastal Salt and Soul team to compose a design that personified their elegant brand and luxurious product line. Paying strong attention to detail to every element on each page, Silk delivered a custom site on par with the company’s established identity.

The robust features of the Magento 2 platform allows for Coastal Salt and Soul to better engage with their customers through various marketing initiatives and the newly designed admin interface enables CSS to easily update and maintain the site in a manner previously unseen on any of the Magento 1 versions.

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