At SILK, our greatest satisfaction is seeing our clients’ business grow. We are proud of the work we produce and below are few clients who have benefited from our Magento B2B experience.


Custom Catalogs
Perhaps you do not want to display your entire product catalog to certain customers, or maybe you only want to display certain products to specific customers, whichever the case, custom catalogs in Magento allow for the website administrator to select which products to show to which customers.

Special Order Form
Suppose your customers have browsed enough through your catalog already, they know your products and all they need is to order them quickly. Eliminate extra unwanted catalog browsing for them with a special order form.Special order forms allow for your customers to search for products using either titles, or SKU, or category, or description..

Subscription Billing
Subscription billing is an indispensable tool for those who want to sell products that are purchased with certain regularity: magazines, software licenses, or products like grocery, bottled water, memberships, pills, detergents, etc. You can sell products on a daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly subscription basis with any duration.

Add to Cart from Category Page
If your website specializes in B2B, chances are, your visitors are repeat customers and know exactly what they want and just how to get there. Make it easy for them to get exactly what they need by providing them with the ability to add products to their shopping cart directly from the category page.

Enhanced my Account Area
Your business customers have different internal company hierarchies and your website needs to be able to accommodate their approval structures. There are different users with different roles within the same business organization-one user finds the right product, another user is responsible for purchasing and approving the purchase. Magento allows your customers to manage these processes simply by associating sub-accounts under one master company account.

Special Payment Options
A high percentage of B2B transactions utilize purchase order and invoice payment methods. Magento allows you and your customers to track and manage all aspects of purchase orders with ease including line of credit tracking, purchase order limits, partial invoice payments, and more.

Negotiate a Price
Your customers always want the best deal they can find on goods and some customers may wish to negotiate pricing with you. With Magento, your customers will be able to submit an offer for your products directly from your website. The price offer may be accepted or rejected by you, and negotiations may continue.

Special Information
Especially apparent in the electronics industry, the need for special information can come in the form of instructions, white papers, data sheets, how-to videos etc. For your B2B website to provide the best experience for your customers you will need to provide them with all of the information they need to successfully re-sell your products. Make the information they need available through download, videos, PDF etc.

Re-Order Application
A mobile application that provides your customers with the ability to easily re-order your products can save your customers a good amount of time throughout the duration of your relationship with them. Using this application, your customer simply has to scan the UPC of the product they want to order, input the quantity and the order is automatically generated.

Instant Shipping Quote
Consumers now expect exceptional self-service features on your website to quickly order their goods. Your website must have the capability to provide instant shipping quotes to your customers. This allows the buyer to circumvent the lengthy process of making phone calls to you for shipping quotes, allowing you to sell more, faster.

Personalize Appearance
Some businesses have unique requirements when it comes to their B2B website. Whether technical or visual, take advantage of the powerful customizability of the Magento platform to satisfy you unique business requirements, and set yourself apart from the competition.


Developing an effective B2B website takes knowledge and expertise. Knowledge to identify what type of feature your B2B customers will benefit from and expertise to bring that feature to life! SILK Software is a leading eCommerce solutions provider with extensive experience in developing custom B2B features for business to business websites.

Utilizing the robust and highly customizable Magento platform, SILK Software can turn your B2B dreams into a reality. We are a turnkey eCommerce company, meaning we can assist you with any or all aspects of developing and maintaining your Magento B2B website.

Starting with our expert eCommerce consultants, we work with you to identify solutions to your B2B requirements. Bringing these solutions to life, are our expert design and development staff and overseeing the entire process, are our dedicated project managers. Contact us today to learn more about out Magento B2B website development services!


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