Silk Develops Flexible BigCommerce Device Insurance Module

Silk developed a BigCommerce device insurance module which allows BigCommerce merchants to add insurance to their products and easily manage insurance prices on the back-end.


Assurant approached Silk looking to create a seamless experience to sell customers on (Assurant) protection plans. The proposed solution was only to provide the necessary functional information. In order to achieve this, Silk was faced with integrating Assurant’s insurance warranty API to pull the warranty data into BigCommerce on the product detail and checkout pages. This included product category and price range, mapping to product SKU, and specific protection plan details. The objective was not only to implement this module on but also make it compatible for any BigCommerce merchant with minimal configuration required.


If a product is deemed insurable, our solution created a dynamic pricing system that linked a respective product’s price with an insurance cost bracket. Located on the product page, Silk provides selectable warranty options for each insurable product:

Each warranty option displays the length of coverage as well as the cost bracket your product choice falls into. If the customer does not select a protection plan before adding the item to the cart, a pop up window appears, alerting the customer of this:

Our solution provides a simple yet powerful method for MyWit customers to experience peace of mind when purchasing their products. Combining these features, Silk was able to customize an easy solution for merchants like MyWit to provide Assurant insurance options for their customers in an efficient and effective manner. For more information, please view our demo video:

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