Silk Transforms Unintegrated HTML Site to Fully Optimized UX Designed and ERP-Centric eCommerce Site Using Epicor Commerce Connect (ECC)


Anderson Process is a supplier of fluid management equipment with a comprehensive catalog including hose assemblies, industrial pumps, filter technology and much more. Working off an existing WordPress site that was hard coded and HTML driven, Anderson Process needed to transition to a more user-friendly website capable of managing their large product catalog and inventory. Utilizing Silk Software’s expertise with Epicor Commerce Connect (ECC), Prophet 21 (P21), and ERP, Anderson Process found their ideal eCommerce solution.


The company’s existing WordPress site contained a massive product catalog with SKUs, pricing, shipping, and ordering information needing a significant amount of overhead to be properly managed. With such a large volume, the site was facing syncing issues with shipping and ordering, varying data feeds from suppliers and manufacturers, as well as slow loading times. Working off a hard-coded and HTML driven website, Anderson Process needed to transition to a platform that could reduce company overhead costs in manually maintaining product related information, handle their large inventory, and provide their users with a better UI.


By partnering with Silk and leveraging the capabilities of ECC and P21, Anderson Process found a flexible platform for hosting their newly redesigned website. Silk created a website design for Anderson Process that was optimized for user experience on the front-end and centralized high-volume data on the back-end. With an attractive site capable of operating at a sufficient speed, Anderson Process now had the tools needed to maximize their resources and scale their business faster.


Anderson Process is utilizing a high performing and attractive website capable of easily managing data involving orders, invoices, shipments, purchases, and prices. Customers are experiencing better site loading speeds and are finding their desired basket of goods with greater ease. On the back-end, Anderson Process has viewable and organized ERP data and enjoys improved site management capabilities. Silk continues to work with Anderson Process through our Managed Services Program and looks forward to continuing to support them with their eCommerce needs.

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