November 14, 2022 – 7 minute read

What is Silk’s TikTok Shop Connector?

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If you haven’t heard of TikTok, you’ll know what it is by now. As one of the largest social media platforms in the world, TikTok is one of the fastest growing media apps with over 750 million monthly users worldwide. Now, business owners, influencers, and creators flock towards this platform to gain attraction and reach their target audience at scale.

TikTok Shop

With TikTok Shop’s launch in the U.S., the platform will allow businesses to sell their products directly from TikTok. Now, any creator or business can market, create ads or campaigns, and sell to their consumers through a widely used social media platform.

About the TikTok Shop Connector

Selling your products online has never been easier with our TikTok Shop Connector. With this new connector, any business can sync their Magento website to TikTok Shop and start selling their products on TikTok. This connector comes with multiple integrations and features that allow eCommerce stores to seamlessly connect product inventory, orders, prices, and more.

Key TikTok Shop Connector Features

Product Push
Pushes core product information (e.g., images, pricing, quantity, etc.) from your Magento store to TikTok Shop

Return & Refund Options
Processes and accepts return and refund requests in TikTok Shop and syncs it to Magento’s backend

Order & Shipping Statuses
Tracks all orders and shipments in one place

Synchronization to eCommerce Store
Syncs purchases, order statuses, returns, and invoices from your eCommerce store to TikTok Shop

With these multiple features and integrations, this connector can connect any eCommerce store to TikTok Shop where marketing, selling, and reaching loyal customers go far beyond the imaginable.

Ready to get the TikTok Shop Connector? Silk can help.