January 22, 2023 – 7 minute read

Top Reasons Why Businesses Should Sell on Amazon

Thought Leadership

If you thought Jeff Bezos randomly named his company “Amazon” because he simply wanted to, you thought wrong. Bezos actually named his business after one of the largest rivers in the world, the Amazon River, to reflect how large he wanted his company to grow. Today, Amazon is known as the #1 marketplace in the world for any business to sell everything from “A to Z” to over 1.2 billion customers.

Top Reasons to Sell on Amazon

The Amazon marketplace currently consists of over 6 million selling partners and reaches individuals from over 180 countries around the globe. Not only do businesses have the opportunity to leverage the Amazon platform for a greater audience exposure, but they also have the chance to increase their revenue and sell to anyone online.

Selling on Amazon:

Increases Revenue & Grows Businesses at Rapid Speed
In the Amazon marketplace, everything from sales, orders, advertising, and shipping are fast and up to speed so that your business can sell to customers with real-time updates.

Levels the Playing Field
With campaigns and Amazon Ads readily available, surpass your competitors in a marketplace where you can sell on the same platform as other businesses. Scope out the competition and compare business strategies so you can generate exceptional and superior business results.

Reaches Millions of Consumers
Over 300 million consumers are actively subscribed to Amazon with registered accounts that receive email promotions and ads. Entering the Amazon marketplace allows your business to reach millions of consumers worldwide where your sales and revenue will skyrocket.

Is Easy and Efficient
Setting up an account to sell online has never been easier. Amazon business accounts have low startup costs without requiring you to build an entirely new website.

Will Bring You Loyal Customers
As a business, it’s not only important to generate new leads and customers, but also crucial that you build customer loyalty and increase consumer retention rates. With Amazon Prime subscribers, your loyal customers are more likely to return to your store to continue purchasing products and receive fast shipping and delivery services.

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