Order Management Service System

For brands looking to adapt an omnichannel strategy, having an order management service system helps increase inventory turnover and grow sales margins by providing customers with a seamless shopping experience across different channels. Whether orders are placed online or in store, easily route orders through the best order fulfillment locations in real time. Enable order fulfillment through shipment from another warehouse or store or schedule in-store pickup. Easily manage, track, and route orders with a robust order management service solution.

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Order Anywhere and Fulfill from Anywhere

With a centralized inventory and order management service system, handing orders has never been easier. Automated access to real-time inventory information ensures each sales order is captured and processed efficiently. Build better customer engagement and drive business growth by providing more shopping and order fulfillment options to customers.

Higher Inventory Turnover

After receiving an order from online or physical stores, the intelligent order routing engine will find the best order fulfillment location in real time based on your order routing rules.

Increased Traffic Conversion

A single view of inventory across all channels connects various order touchpoints, enables more shopping options for your customers, and boosts sales orders.

Better Customer Experience

Provide customers with a seamless shopping experience on their omnichannel purchase journey. Enable buy online and pickup in store alongside other order fulfilment options.

Exceed Customer Expectations with a Unified Order Management Service Solution

With the emergence of various digital touchpoints, customers today have a high expectation for their shopping and ordering experience. The order management service system helps businesses overcome the challenges of serving customers from different channels through various order fulfillment and routing capabilities.

Key Features →

Maintain Accurate Inventory Across Channels

Online and in-store orders are assigned to the best order fulfillment centers based on sophisticated order routing rules that consider inventory availability, customer needs, and sales margin.

Customize Order Fulfillment Rules

Allow split orders and zone fulfillment to reduce inventory transfer, save shipping costs, and decrease delivery time. Configure and customize order routing rules to achieve your business goals.

Process Orders Through Customer Service

If any orders require manual adjustments, customer service can easily assign orders to another location, change the pickup time for an in-store pickup, or cancel orders on behalf of customers.

Integrate with Existing Systems

To synchronize your data, comprehensive APIs ensure seamless and easy integration with your current systems, such as ERP, CRM, and eCommerce, without any extra costs.

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