Progressive Web App (PWA) Solution for Magento Cloud

Backed by a fast and flexible API-based commerce architecture, elevate the customer experience across every channel with a Progressive Web App (PWA) solution. Improve mobile site speed and SEO score while generating higher conversion rates on your Magento PWA site. Enjoy ultra-fast page load speed across desktops, tablets, and mobile devices. Deploy a highly interactive storefront that is seamlessly connected to your eCommerce platform. With a PWA solution on Magento Cloud, provide shoppers with a fast, secure, and app-like site experience complete with B2B capabilities and a rich UI toolkit.

Explore what an effective Progressive Web App (PWA) solution can do for your business.

Elevate Your User Experience with Optimal Speed and Performance

As page load time goes from 1 second to 10 seconds, the probability of a mobile site visitor bouncing increases 123%. Site content needs to load instantly across any channel or visitors will abandon your site and move on to a competitor that provides them with the fast and reliable experience they are looking for. With an effective Magento PWA solution, transform the shopping experience and load content ultra-fast on any network or device.

Fast Speed

Even on slow networks, Magento PWA sites utilize advanced performance optimization strategies to load content fast as well as cache content that can be served when a user is offline.

Enhanced Browsing

Optimized across desktops, tablets, and mobile devices, Magento PWA sites use engaging design strategies that provide a consistent user experience across all channels.

App-Like Experience

Not only do Magento PWA sites offer instantaneous perceived page load times, but also allows users to add PWA sites to their home screens and receive push notifications.

Quickly Build, Deploy, and Launch Your Progressive Web App (PWA) Solution on Magento Cloud

Seamlessly integrated with Magento Cloud, create next-generation shopping experiences with a PWA solution that improves conversion rates and search rankings (SEO). Improve perceived performance to keep visitors from bouncing off your Magento PWA site and deliver a unique brand experience even when visitors are browsing offline. Leveraging cutting-edge headless commerce technology, launch a highly interactive PWA storefront on Magento with superior speed and performance.

Key Benefits →

Optimized Across All Devices

Regardless of what platform visitors are on, PWA sites are designed to work for every user and fit across different screen sizes.

Headless Commerce Architecture

With an API-driven approach, get the flexibility to personalize and customize your storefront without compromising your eCommerce build.

Ultra-Fast Page Load Speed

Designed for fast browsing experiences, PWA sites improve both actual and perceived load speed with lightning-fast performance.

Site Security

For enhanced security and cyber safety, PWA sites use HTTPS connections to serve all content through a secure portal.

Dive Deeper Into PWA

Understanding PWA and Headless Commerce

Every eCommerce manager wants to engage more consumers and increase conversions, but in order to do that you need to keep up with the ever-changing habits of the consumer.

Why Site Speed Matters and How PWA Can Help

Site performance and experience should be top of mind for every eCommerce site. Explore how PWA can go a long way in boosting consumer confidence.

Get Started with Launching Your PWA Storefront

PWA enables you to build an integrated eCommerce solution that embraces innovative digital commerce technologies, both today and in the future.

Looking for Additional B2B Functionality?

From automating complex processes to managing custom data and pricing, transform your site with all the B2B features you need to level up your business.

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