Magento Day 2019 – Adobe and Magento Global Ecommerce Conference was Successfully Held in Shanghai

On August 15, Silk Software teamed up with Adobe and Magento to host Magento Day at the Grand Hyatt Hotel in Shanghai. The conference brought together a large number of participants ready to discuss and learn about global eCommerce solutions as well as the latest industry trends. The agenda consisted of a series of general sessions which were each hosted by thought-leading commerce experts from Adobe, Magento, and Silk.

Mel Lim, Magento Enterprise Sales Manager, gave an opening presentation where she shared the latest developments and benefits of the Adobe Commerce Cloud solution for global eCommerce businesses. Following Magento’s acquisition by Adobe, the Adobe Commerce Cloud was launched earlier this year.

The Adobe Commerce Cloud allows businesses to integrate and fully manage their online (including virtual storefronts) and offline stores and bring together commerce across every channel. A BI management interface can also be utilized to optimize the customer experience and business operations. As a core part of the Adobe Experience Cloud, the Adobe Commerce Cloud provides a customizable and scalable end-to-end solution for all enterprise businesses.

Frank Yang, Adobe Senior Solution Consultant, was next to present his session on the breakthrough of enterprise digital transformations powered by Adobe digital experience solutions. He shared recent product development updates and features of the Adobe Experience Cloud as well as the latest insights surrounding digital business.

Thanks to the Adobe Analytics Cloud, Advertising Cloud, Marketing Cloud, Commerce Cloud, and Adobe Sensei, the Adobe Experience Cloud includes thousands of data pipelines where data from multiple sources can be extracted globally to create dynamic real-time customer profiles. This allows companies to create personalized experiences for customers around the world and enables them to improve their customer experiences from both a data and content standpoint. In a competitive global market, successful digital transformation is a key element to achieving eCommerce success.

How can global brands compete in the world’s largest eCommerce market in China? Jack Ding, Silk Software VP of Sales, addressed this frequently asked question and explained the Magento China eCommerce solution in detail. The Magento China Package by Silk Software, which has officially been launched in the Magento Marketplace, provides businesses with the localized language, user experience, payment, and logistics support needed to be successful in the China market. These include: Alipay and WeChat Pay, WeChat login, mobile phone registration login, logistics tracking, social sharing, a Chinese language package, and much more. For the foreseeable future, the China Package will continue to evolve and upgrade along with Magento to include additional new offerings and functions that will help businesses grow in the ecosystem.

Upgrading to Magento 2 is an important topic for 2019. With official support for Magento 1 ending in 2020, Magento Customer Success Manager Daini Wang presented a detailed analysis of the advantages for moving to Magento 2. She then shared a customer success story from Australian design brand Saas&Bide, who rapidly expanded globally into the United States, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East on the Magento platform. With their rapid development momentum, the full support of Magento 2 was crucial to powering their continuous growth.

Lastly, Silk Software CEO Dong Xu presented the Adobe + Magento WeChat solution. This program is of great significance to the overall promotion strategy of global brands in China. The integration of the enterprise WeChat platform, user WeChat platform, Magento eCommerce platform, and back-end Adobe systems will help improve the localization, precision and integration of their customer, order, and marketing business management.

Following a refreshment break and the afternoon’s presentations, Adobe, Magento, and Silk team members were present to connect with merchants one-on-one and in smaller groups. There was time to network, communicate with individual merchants in depth on their specific situation, and answer any follow-up questions on the products or solutions discussed.

As an official strategic partner of Magento and Adobe, Silk continues to deepen its partnership through events and engagements that bring powerful Commerce solutions from Adobe and Magento into the global market. Magento Day 2019 proved to be a successful event and will continue to spark long-term communication and discussion with merchants regarding the global and limitless possibilities of the Adobe Magento solution.