Ecommerce Insight | In Foreign Trade eCommerce, How Do You Gain a Steady Stream of Orders?

If you want to attract an audience, you need to have good explanations, meet their needs, and have products that they want to purchase. Improving the speed, convenience, and conversion rate in the tide of e-commerce competition is the key to maintaining a steady flow of orders.

Three Ways to Improve Site Sales

1) Optimize Platform Speed

Analysis Report Shows:

  • 50% of customers want their web page to load within 3 seconds, otherwise they will close out of the page
  • 79% of customers who are not satisfied with the loading speed of their page will no longer go to that page

1 second delay in loading time will have the following effects on the conversion rate:

  • Page Conversion Lost 7%
  • Page Views Lost 11%
  • Satisfaction Reduced by 16%


  • Page Speed Optimization: Picture Optimization, File Fragmentations Merge, Paging or Delay Loading Technology
  • Host Configuration Optimization: Upgrade Configuration, Multi-Server, Cache, CDN Distribution, etc.
2) Attract More Mobile Customers

74% of users tend to access the mobile site and 67% of mobile phone users tend to shop on the mobile site. If the mobile site is not attracting more customers, the business will lose many potential customers.

3) Increase Conversion Rate

In operating a foreign trade shopping mall, all of the return on investment is achieved through the mall profit form. One of the best ways to improve the return on investment is to increase the conversion rate of foreign trade shopping sites. For malls with a conversion rate of more than 80%, it may be difficult to improve, but for sites with low conversion rates, you can easily increase your conversion rate through site optimization and operational skills.

4) Optimize Mobile End-User Experience

If you want to lead mobile users towards becoming customers, you need to try to simplify the steps. Users need a clear and smooth browsing, shopping, and trading process.

5) Increase Average Order Value

When the amount of orders is relatively stable, if you want to increase store turnover and create more profits, the most effective way is to improve the average customer value (AOV).

How to Improve the Average Customer Value:

Binding Sales: the establishment of the relationship between products, such as: shirt + pants, cup + tea and so on. Have special pricing and discount formulas established (ex: if the shopping cart reaches a certain amount, a discount will be applied to the total).

6) Use Analytics Tools to Drive Business

63% of the operations will choose to use analysis tools. Data Analysis will tell you more about the customer’s potential information to further optimize the decision analysis.

7) Convenient and Quick Way to Pay

Simplify the payment process and choose popular payment methods so that customers can more easily choose their preferred payment option.

8) Continuously Improve Page Conversion

Although not every click made by a potential customer will turn into a purchase, if they experience any negative interactions with the site, that potential customer may be completely lost. Clear and efficient user navigation allows customers to have a good shopping experience and even turn into a repeat customer.

9) Optimize Marketing Strategies

There are many marketing strategies that can be utilized. These need to be well prepared, and then monitored and adjusted accordingly to meet customer needs.

10) Keep Loyal Customers

The cost of gaining new customers is far greater than the cost of retaining old customers. Repeat customers can bring greater benefits. Encourage them by using product sharing rewards, having new customer recommendation benefits, and acknowledging good reputation and publicity.

11) Turn Losses From Returns into Benefits

Most customers like to shop repeatedly on a site with a good return policy. By providing customers with a good return policy, this can bring unexpected sales conversions.

The younger generation has adapted to mobile shopping and social shopping – completely moving away from the traditional shopping model. In the face of such a huge and continuously growing young generation market, can you still maintain indifference?