BigCommerce is the world’s leading cloud eCommerce platform for businesses looking to scale. BigCommerce offers enterprise functionality out of the box, an open architecture and a robust partner ecosystem that results in market-leading performance for our clients. BigCommerce takes the upfront cost and complexity out of your business and enables merchants to focus on what’s most important – growing sales. BigCommerce customers range from small and medium businesses to Fortune 1000 companies and leading brands. In fact, BigCommerce has more merchants selling more than $1 million/year than any other cloud eCommerce platform.

why bigcommerce

As a full-service eCommerce solutions agency, SILK is focused on developing the right solution based on our customer’s individual needs. Arguably the most important aspect of a merchant’s eCommerce strategy is selecting the right platform, and it’s important to select a platform built to scale. SILK will often recommend BigCommerce as an ideal eCommerce platform for small and mid-size online shops. SaaS (Software as a Service) makes a lot of sense for the vast majority of SMBs (business with 1-100 employees and less than $50 million in annual revenues) who are looking to setup an online store quickly and professionally. Both SILK and BigCommerce are focused on advancing the platform further up the mid-market with cutting edge custom integrations using open API’s and the new Stencil framework.

why we love stencil

Stencil has introduced a flexible new approach to creating the next generation of SaaS based eCommerce sites. BigCommerce clients are no longer limited to the legacy Blueprint templates, and now have local development tools to develop themes without disrupting live stores. With complete design flexibility and rich front-end development tools (driven by Javascript) SILK can configure an optimal user experience to cover a wide range of both B2C and B2B business requirements.

Merchants now have the ability to select multiple variations of each theme (great for seasonal marketing campaigns) and can customize the storefront’s look and feel with the theme editor. (No coding required.)

why silk?

Whether you are already using BigCommerce and looking to upgrade to Stencil or frustrated with your current eCommerce platform and seeking a low maintenance, scalable enterprise eCommerce solution, SILK will put together an online strategy for you. We have over a decade of experience in eCommerce merchandising, design, custom development, ERP integration, and strategic marketing. We are comfortable as a compliment for your current team or as your dedicated development partner.