Silk Helps Samsung Make a Big Splash in Caribbean



With Samsung looking to tap into the B2B eCommerce marketplace in The Dominican Republic, Trinidad & Tobago, and The Bahamas, they turned to Silk Software to lead the initiative. With Silk’s Magento B2B expertise, the team was able to deliver an efficient back-end solution for cross-border fees, with a seamless front end experience.


Providing a satisfying customer experience is critical for successful B2B cross-border commerce. But for electronics powerhouse Samsung, the challenge loomed especially large.

Samsung wanted to penetrate the B2B eCommerce marketplace in The Dominican Republic, Trinidad & Tobago, and The Bahamas. It would be the brand’s first foray into these regions. Naturally, Samsung wanted to make a big splash.

Unfortunately, a major cloud hung on the horizon – cross-border retailers purchasing Samsung mobile devices would be facing the complexities of FOB, DDP, and CIF fees. Not to mention shipping options. This tangle of choices surely would hamper the customer experience and ultimately drive buyers away. Samsung’s commerce site would have to deliver a more user-friendly experience.

Samsung tapped Silk to develop a seamless, user-friendly checkout process. With its proven Magento B2B expertise, Silk definitely had the vision and resources to bring about the transformation.


Incorporating a full range of fee metrics provided by Samsung, Silk got to work creating a back-end solution that would streamline the front-end experience. To reach this goal, Silk’s Magento team developed a unique system that organized the variables – country, fees, shipping method, and product – into a single, seamless flow. Everything was tied to buyer selection.

For instance, let’s say a customer in the Bahamas chose a quantity of smartphones, CIF, and Federal Express International Priority. Through Silk’s process, these variables are automatically compiled and the total cost calculated, with all information updated and neatly laid out in the user’s shopping cart. Customers in all three regions get the same, efficient result, no matter what the variables.


Once updated, the shopping cart displays a preview that lists products purchased, applicable fees, total shipping charges, and a grand total that encompasses fees, purchase price, and shipping charges. Customers have an opportunity to review everything before pressing the ‘buy button’. If so desired, changes can be made on the spot. Nothing is final until a customer actually chooses to make a purchase.

To further simplify the process, customers also receive a complete order summary, which provides a complete cost breakdown (government fees and shipping charges).

Silk’s Magento B2B solution is expected to have a major impact on Samsung’s cross-border performance in The Dominican Republic, Trinidad & Tobago, and The Bahamas. Retailers in these regions no doubt will welcome the extraordinarily simple shopping experience now built into the company’s website.

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