RPB Safety Launches New B2B Portal on Magento with an Optimal Product Configurator and Quick Order Pad


RPB Safety specializes in developing the world’s best performing and most comfortable respiratory protective equipment (RPE). Offering a range of supplied and powered air respirators, airline filters, monitoring equipment, and safety essentials, the company is focused on producing safe equipment that increases productivity. Designed with comfort as a high priority, RPB Safety’s RPE allows wearers to never need to compromise on safety when it comes to wearability.

While the company had an existing non-transactional marketing site, it needed an innovative B2B solution that would best serve its customers and allow for online sales. Looking to create an efficient B2B site that would allow its B2B users to quickly find, configure, and checkout their desired safety products, RPB Safety turned to Silk Software, Magento, and Epicor for the solution.

Add in an unlimited number of SKU, QTY, and UOM requests and batch-add all selections to cart

Users can easily build a product from individual components with a concise and quick tool

Provide options to multi-select additional accessories and configure extra parts with little effort

RPb Safety has successfully launched a fully styled B2B eCommerce store that meets its brand guidelines and data integration needs between its ERP and Magento.


To achieve RPB Safety’s goal for a quick and efficient B2B portal, the Silk team got to work implementing the features and functionality the company would need to meet their B2B requirements. The two main tools created to deliver RPB Safety’s objectives were the quick order pad feature and “Build Your Armor” product configurator.

Quick Order Pad
This feature was created to allow RPB Safety’s B2B users to enter in an unlimited number of SKUs, QTY, and UOM requests and quickly batch-add all these selections to the cart. Users have the option to upload a CSV file containing these pieces of information and can replace/add onto the current contents in their shopping cart. For the add-to-cart functionality to work, the system would be able to identify whether the entry values are accurate. If the entered values are incorrect (ex: the SKU cannot be found or the UOM is invalid) then the system will provide an error.

Product Configurator
This tool was created to allow RPB Safety’s B2B users to easily build a product from desired individual components. After the B2B user selects an item from a drop-down menu in the product navigation, the individual will land on a product configurator page for that item. On that page, the user will be able to select options to build out their equipment. This may include the type, visor, cape, air flow device, as well as other accessories or consumables. Once the user has selected the corresponding quantity of the desired items for purchase, the user will receive the customer specific pricing defined for its associated ERP account.

Equipped with key B2B features including a product configurator and quick order pad, RPB Safety can fully cater to its B2B audience on its new site with optimal tools and functionality.

Utilizing this product builder tool, RPB Safety’s B2B users can now quickly put together a product of their liking with little effort. This concise tool allows users to move through the workflow faster than ever before. Having a quick order pad where buyers can easily enter in SKUs and quantities for multiple products before going through the checkout process is also key to driving B2B sales and improving the customer experience.

By leveraging tight data integration, flexible user experiences, and best practice eCommerce strategies, RPB Safety has a high-quality B2B site that will support its growing digital commerce strategy. Silk looks forward to supporting RPB Safety’s ongoing and long-term growth as the company continues to innovate and provide advanced safety solutions for industry professionals.

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