B2C’s solution while streamlining the store purchase process



Affordable Home is Hong Kong’s largest furniture store, dedicated to providing Hong Kong families with a unique and life-friendly one-stop home solution that creates space for customers to enhance their quality of life.

Affordable is the first home furnishing store in Hong Kong to develop Omni Channel (all-channel), revolutionizing the Hong Kong home retail market, allowing customers to purchase furniture through a comprehensive network of branches and various electronic platforms, wherever and whenever they can enjoy A quality shopping experience.

Affordable has won numerous awards in various fields over the years, including brand management, product design, quality services, and e-commerce platforms. Especially outstanding is the originality of the original, the homemaker TMF, with the concept of a large space in a small room, to make customers live comfortably.


Based on the demand of the benefits, the company has established an online online store, which reduces the time for customers to go to the physical store, allows customers to shop in the online store, and can also feel the services of the physical store.

Affordable customers can place orders through the online store, make an appointment for the delivery time, and complete the receipt at home. Realize the home craft service online. At the same time, Silk helps to realize a website and multi-site model. Customers can choose Hong Kong, Macau, China and three stores according to their location.


The communication between Silk and Affordable has completely explained the concept of affordable original craftsmanship, allowing customers to realize online booking, free on-site measurement, timely inspection of production progress, and clearly show where the booked furniture is now. Item generation process.

If you have any questions about the order, you can contact the order specialist through the online progress tracking interface to follow up the issue.


The affordable e-commerce website has been strongly supported by customers, allowing customers to experience a comfortable online shopping experience.

At present, Affordable Home has established a second phase of cooperation with Syracuse, and the affordable B2B2C will be online.

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