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How can a cool retailer of mobile accessories maintain their coolness when it lacks mobile muscle? This very question faced mycoolcell.com. A popular retailer of cell phone accessories, mycoolcell.com urgently needed to beef up its mobile presence, and snap up the look of its site. Their coolness was on the line. Not to mention a fortune in sales.

My Cool Cell sent an S.O.S. to the premier coolness specialists and acclaimed Magento wonder workers – Silk Software. Quite a natural choice, really. Silk had performed renovations on their previous website. It was now time for a complete site re-launch and mobile makeover.


Along with a design overhaul, My Cool Cell wanted to streamline operations. To carry out this mission, Silk would have to integrate the retail site with its ERP system and connect it to several vendors responsible for supplying physical product, as well as product information.


Silk developed the following three-level strategy for the site re-launch.

Level 1 – Create a responsive theme optimized for mobile devices. Silk’s top designer would spearhead the effort.
Level 2 – Integrate the website with Netsuite ERP. The integration would enable these site functions:

• Exchange catalog information using Netsuite as a master catalog database.
• Share inventory information, ensuring consistently up-to-date inventory levels.
• Transfer order information by pushing orders received in the Magento store to Netsuite.

Silk carried out the integration by building a bridge from the retailer’s existing Netsuite ERP system to Magento’s database. This channel retrieves all ERP data such as newly created orders, financials, inventory, and order processing, automatically adjusting product updates and inventory into the Magento database in real time.

Level 3 – Integrate the website with multiple 3rd party vendors that supply both products and product information. This information includes product descriptions, inventory, and images.

Central to Silk’s solution was the development of a middleware that pulled data from these vendors into a staging table. Afterward, the data is sent to NetSuite before being pushed to Magento. This integration enables My Cool Cell to stay current with inventory and product information.


The site redesign helped My Cool Cell expand its business by connecting the retailer with a growing mobile customer base, and by streamlining the company’s workload through the previously-mentioned integrations.

We’re pleased to say that mycoolcell.com continues to rely on Silk for expert Magento support through our Managed Services program. As with all of our other valued partners, we look forward to a long and productive relationship with My Cool Cell.

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