SILK Implements Magento 2.0 Enterprise for IKEA’s First Ecommerce Site in China

View Site: www.ikea-sh.cn


Founded in 1943, IKEA is now one of the world’s largest furniture stores. With their focus on bringing stylish but affordable furniture to customers’ homes, they have continued their expansion to bring IKEA products to more stores and locations around the world. Gearing up to further their growth by breaking into the Chinese market, IKEA partnered with Silk to launch their first eCommerce site in China utilizing the Magento 2 platform.


IKEA was on a very strict deadline and needed their site prepared for launch within a four to five-month timeframe. They turned to Silk to put together a robust, end-to-end implementation for a huge volume eCommerce site. To fully integrate their large selection of online and offline inventory and provide the tools necessary for IKEA to properly manage local inventory for the Chinese market, Silk put together a personalized solution tailored to IKEA’s eCommerce needs.


Silk developed a customized inventory module to address the issue of needing to efficiently integrate and manage IKEA’s large Chinese inventory. With this module in place, IKEA could easily access and manage all their inventory and local distribution. Silk created a personalized eCommerce framework to support the complex furniture structure and unique market of IKEA’s business.


IKEA’s eCommerce site was launched successfully and on time without any performance issues. The site proved its reliability and stability in handling the large volume of business and has allowed IKEA to solidify its strong foothold in the Chinese market.

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