SILK Delivers Customized eCommerce Site on Magento 2 Platform

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EZ-UP offers a wide array of customizable portable shelters, pop-up canopies, and pop-up tents to its customers. With different printed graphic, color, and size options available, EZ-UP products not only provide easy to set up shelters for instant shade, but also are a visible asset that can help to promote brands and businesses whether they are at trade shows, corporate events, or community events. EZ-UP was looking to improve their customers’ online experiences on a reliable eCommerce platform for their site and partnered with Silk and Magento to bring their vision to life.


Each of EZ-UP’s product tents consist of two parts: the ceiling and the holder. Based on the type of materials being requested by the customers, different production times may be needed, which in turn affects the time needed to ship the item. One tent needed to be split into separate parts through the placement of multiple orders, so that EZ-UP would be able to utilize different shipment methods based on various shipping times in accordance to the separate factories producing the materials.

In addition, EZ-UP wanted to provide its customers with the ability to search for associated product parts and order them individually. Functionally to customize product logo, upload personalized designs, and select desired materials would be needed. As the company was looking to take their product offerings global, it was important that the same products could be sold via multiple stores and languages and that EZ-UP could manage these products from one interface and one system.


Backed by the reliable Magento 2 platform, Silk put together an optimal eCommerce solution for EZ-UP to tackle all their challenges. Customers could now purchase every single part of the tent so that products had the ability to be split. Single orders could be divided into multiple shipments with different parts linked with separate SKUs. The logo ceiling image, holder color, and materials were all easily able to be customized by customers as they add items to their cart. In addition, multiple languages were set up to be supported across different regions to provide greater convenience for international EZ-UP customers to purchase online.


With Silk’s implementation of EZ-UP’s eCommerce website on the Magento 2 platform, EZ-UP’s customers now enjoy a fully flexible shopping and purchasing experience online. The custom functionality and language options provided more personalized experiences and international support which has attracted more traffic and increased overall sales on the site.

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