SILK Software is a Magento 2 trained development company. As a turnkey eCommerce solutions provider we are able to assist our clients at any stage of the eCommerce cycle. Whether you’re already on Magento 2, looking to build a new site on the platform or in need of migrating your version 1 store -SILK has the experience and expertise to assist you with your next Magento 2 project!

Theme Customization

Magento 2 makes it easier for you to change the design and layout of your site with a more modern approach to theming. The new layout framework allows you to quickly create and maintain site variations for seasonal campaigns, new product lines, sales/promotions and more!
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3rd Party Integrations

Integrating with 3rd party solutions has been simplified with extensive and efficient APIs. Get connected quicker and operate seamlessly with any third party solution.
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Stay atop every version! Magento 2 makes it easier for merchants to upgrade to the latest version so you can quickly add new functionality as it becomes available through quarterly releases.
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    Faster out of the box! Magento 2 has enhanced a suite of components to increase performance out of box. Image compression, caching and minimizing Javascript are a few areas of improvement contributing to better performance.
    Increase productivity of your entire admin team! Comprehensive backend improvements enable larger teams to make product updates and process orders simultaneously without diminished performance. The new admin interface is also more intuitive and easy for new team members to learn. Regular admin tasks such as setting up and importing products are now even faster.
    The new checkout flow speeds shoppers through the process by minimizing steps and required information. Shoppers can conveniently create an account with one click from the order thank you page, enabling merchants to encourage customer registrations without interrupting the checkout process.

Our Services

Migration & Upgrades


Magento 2 is the next big thing in eCommerce. The highly anticipated platform has everything you’ve grown to rely on from Magento plus added enhancements & features to take your site to the next level! If you’re currently on another platform SILK can help you migrate your site to Magento 2, or if you’re currently on Magento version 1, we can assist with upgrading.

Magento 2 Development


SILK is home to nearly 20 Magento certified developers, many of whom are Magento 2 trained. We offer a variety of development services ranging from adding custom features and functionality to 3rd party integrations. We also offer strategy consulting services to guide through the development process and to help you to make the right decisions for your eCommerce site.

3rd Party Integrations


Integrating Magento 2 with various systems, services, and software is a breeze with new simplified API’s! We can add operational systems for shipping and order management, CRM support, integration with ERP systems, accounting software, and marketing solutions just to name a few. Third party solutions integration turn your Magento 2 site into a robust, feature filled business and web solution.

Mobile Development


Mobile usage is on the rise, and your customers demand a seamless mobile shopping experience. Building your site on Magento 2 is the first step towards delivering a great mobile experience. Let SILK help you with the rest, our in-house designers and developers utilize mobile best practices to help deliver a mobile experience that converts!