Magento Netsuite Integration Services

Netsuite integration with Magento results in a powerful commerce system that delivers a full suite of functionality including:

  • Complete cloud ERP solution
  • Real time, multi-location inventory management
  • Complete order lifecycle management
  • Order management system that supports omnichannel commerce across multiple channels
NetSuite is the leader in cloud based ERP solutions and is used widely by thousands of B2B and B2C companies around the world, while Magento has quickly become the leading eCommerce platform available today! NetSuite’s unified complete system includes software for accounting, order management/inventory, CRM, and ecommerce resulting. Key features include scalability for faster growth, real-time access to critical data, cost-effective, and industry-specific solutions.

What Gets Synced?

Inventory levels are kept in sync between Microsoft Dynamics and Magento.

Products can be managed in Microsoft Dynamics and pushed to Magento.

Orders are passed from Magento to Microsoft Dynamics with complete and proper customer and product data.

Customers can be fully managed in Microsoft Dynamics with full visibility for the customer through Magento.

Benefits of Integration

Exchange Catalog Information – Using SAP as your master catalog database, integration will automatically push updates to your Magento store, eliminating the need for double entry.

Share Inventory Information – When connecting SAP and Magento you can rest assure that your inventory levels are always up to date.

Transfer Order Information – When an order is received in your Magento store, the order is automatically pushed to SAP eliminating the need to re-key data

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