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SILK Helps Entrepreneur Achieve California Dream

Hand-made, hand-poured and hand-packaged in California, Coastal Salt and Soul's small-batch scented home & body products are made from natural sea ingredients, sun-warmed herbs and ocean botanicals inspired by the California coastline.   Currently, their line of candles, body creams, soaps and scrubs can be found in high-end retailers and boutiques across the country, and...
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SILK Builds Product Finder to Help Customers Find Exact Part!

  Moving Up Garage Doors is a leading supplier in the garage door industry. Having been in the industry for many years, their web presence began to show it's age with an outdated non-responsive website. Seeking to rejuvenate it's online web presence and get in touch with today's mobile savvy consumers, Moving Up Garage Doors...
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SILK Mobilizes Mobile Retailer

  Is there anything more annoying than being out and about then having your mobile phone battery die? When your phone is out of commission so are you!   Keeping phones charged and keeping you in the game is the mission of PowerSkin, a retailer of mobile accessories who believes everyone should live life, fully...
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Mobile Goes Mobile

How can a cool retailer of mobile accessories maintain their coolness when it lacks mobile muscle? This very question faced mycoolcell.com. A popular retailer of cell phone accessories, mycoolcell.com urgently needed to beef up its mobile presence, and snap up the look of its site. Their coolness was on the line. Not to mention a...
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