IKEA SILK Implements Magento 2.0 Enterprise for IKEA’s First Ecommerce Site in China www.ikea-sh.cn Overview Founded in 1943, IKEA is now one of the world’s largest furniture stores. With their focus on bringing stylish but affordable furniture to customers’ homes, they have continued their expansion to bring IKEA products to more stores and locations around...
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Imomoko The SILK team worked diligently to protect the iMomoko website from a barrage of DDoS attacks. www.imomoko.com Overview In just a few short years, iMomoko has attained growing popularity as an online destination for trendy beauty and skincare products. The niche retailer, which mainly specializes in high end brands from Japan, Korea and Taiwan,...
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Pantone SILK Takes Pantone Global, and Reinforces the Strong Company Brand with a Custom Design www.store.pandone.com/hk/en Overview In 1963, Lawrence Herbert, Pantone’s founder, created an innovative system for identifying, matching and communicating colors to solve the problems associated with producing accurate color matches in the graphic arts community. His insight that the spectrum is seen...
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Diptyque SILK Builds a Gateway from Paris to China www.diptyqueparis.com.cn Overview They needed a gateway. Only this would connect Paris to mainland China. Quite a leap. The gateway was on the wish list of Diptyque, world-acclaimed experts in the art of everything fragrant. Whether visiting their brick and mortar Paris boutique or their e-commerce store,...
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Samsung SILK Helps Samsung Make a Big Splash in Caribbean www.samsung.com/us Overview With Samsung looking to tap into the B2B eCommerce marketplace in The Dominican Republic, Trinidad & Tobago, and The Bahamas, they turned to SILK Software to lead the initiative. With SILK’s Magento B2B expertise, the team was able to deliver an efficient back-end...
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SILK Builds International B2B Marketplace

  Buying internationally can pose a challenge, but Toolots.com has made it overwhelmingly easy.   Toolots is a one-of-a-kind US-China B2B online marketplace for factory direct industrial equipment, parts, and supplies. Emulating two of the most popular online marketplaces - Amazon and Aliexpress, Toolots connects businesses looking to buy industrial machinery in the United States...
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SILK Elaborates on Cross Border eCommerece at Imagine Conference


Bringing Color to The World

You'll never cringe at the site of clashing shades with Pantone on the scene. Pantone is hands down the world's color-matching authority. If you need to say it with color, they'll provide the balance. They also provide a great deal of coverage, offering products and expertise to a variety of industries. Among them are the...
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Is Your Magento Store Localized for the Chinese Market? Part 3

The previous two blogs in this series spotlighted important factors impacting e-commerce in China, and how SILK addresses these factors in the online stores we develop for that market. We also take into account these additional considerations: Passing Through the Great Firewall of China Companies bringing e-commerce to China must contend with a phenomenon known...
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Is Your Magento Store Localized for the Chinese Market? Part 2

The previous blog in this series revealed several key factors impacting website compatibility with the Chinese e-commerce marketplace. Drawing on its formidable Magento expertise, SILK addresses those factors when developing e-commerce sites localized for this nation. Here are several others we consider in every strategy: Payment Options Since credit cards aren't popular in the world...
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