SILK Creates Magento B2B Portal Integrated with SAP Business One ERP

ABC Corp. SILK created a Magento B2B portal seamlessly integrated with SAP Business One to streamline the purchasing process for a major cell phone accessory company.   Challenge ABC Corp. had existing business processes set up in SAP Business One to conduct their B2B workflow offline. Each B2B company had their own price lists, payment...
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SILK Mobilizes Mobile Retailer

  Is there anything more annoying than being out and about then having your mobile phone battery die? When your phone is out of commission so are you!   Keeping phones charged and keeping you in the game is the mission of PowerSkin, a retailer of mobile accessories who believes everyone should live life, fully...
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Benefits of Integrating Magento & SAP Business One

http://www.slideshare.net/silksoftware/silk-software-sap-b1-integration-51787366 Download the PDF here!    

Streamline Your Business Operations by Integrating Magento with SAP Business One!


SILK Delivers Mobile Site & Keeps SAP Business One Integration Working Flawlessly

PROBLEM/CHALLENGE A great big world? Not for AmScope. The high-profile company is one of the world's leading suppliers of microscopes and related accessories. From laboratories to classrooms, AmScope products deliver microscopic vividness in a variety of settings. Their customers cover the complete spectrum of disciplines and professions. Scientists, healthcare professionals, industrial inspectors, metallurgists, and jewelers...
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Mobile Goes Mobile

How can a cool retailer of mobile accessories maintain their coolness when it lacks mobile muscle? This very question faced mycoolcell.com. A popular retailer of cell phone accessories, mycoolcell.com urgently needed to beef up its mobile presence, and snap up the look of its site. Their coolness was on the line. Not to mention a...
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SILK’s Managed Services Gives Culture a Whole New Pace

www.eventnetwork.com   Overview   It's a major challenge to manage just one gift shop for a cultural attraction such as a museum, science center, botanical garden, or aquarium. San Diego-based Event Network manages over 100 of these stores, each of which has its own online store. Their partners include The Natural History Museum of Los...
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