Magento 1 to Magento 2 Migration

Get Ready to Migrate from Magento 1 to Magento 2 Why Migrate? With Magento officially announcing that the end of life date for Magento 1 will take place in June 2020, now's the time to take action on your current site before Magento 1 is no longer supported. By staying on Magento 1 past this...
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SILK Builds Product Finder to Help Customers Find Exact Part!

  Moving Up Garage Doors is a leading supplier in the garage door industry. Having been in the industry for many years, their web presence began to show it's age with an outdated non-responsive website. Seeking to rejuvenate it's online web presence and get in touch with today's mobile savvy consumers, Moving Up Garage Doors...
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Building a Better Hangout for Heroes

  PROBLEM/CHALLENGE So, you rock Final Fantasy, rule Middle-earth … Well, stop gloating. You're no real hero until you can zing opponents with tiny plastic pellets. Known as Airsoft, this sport is both excellent recreation and the perfect way to dodge debt collectors. Sure, it might sting a little. But that's only if you get...
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B2B Behemoth Can Smile Again

PROBLEM/CHALLENGE What do you do when you're a major B2B website and you're finding your current platform isn't capable of the modifications necessary to grow your business? You re-platform! That was the hurdle facing Implant Direct, an online supplier of implant parts to dentists throughout the world. Business was good and orders were steady but...
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Migrating From Magneto Go to Magento Community

Migrating From Magneto Go to Magento Community Overview Is your store currently running on Magento Go? eBay recently announced they will be shutting down the Magneto Go platform on February 1, 2015. In statement posted online, Mark Lavelle, SVP, Product and Strategy at eBay Enterprise explains that Magento is making this move in order to focus...
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