Is Your Magento Store Localized for the Chinese Market? Part 2

The previous blog in this series revealed several key factors impacting website compatibility with the Chinese e-commerce marketplace. Drawing on its formidable Magento expertise, SILK addresses those factors when developing e-commerce sites localized for this nation. Here are several others we consider in every strategy: Payment Options Since credit cards aren't popular in the world...
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Is Your Magento Store Localized for the Chinese Market? Part 1

In just a few short years, China will soar to the position of world's largest online market. Most businesses, of course, are flocking to this realm of opportunity. Incredibly, however, many will reach the gates with an online store incompatible with local marketplace demands. Even more challenging, China's online market is developing with lightning speed....
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Monsters and Wizards

www.bundlemonster.com PROBLEM/CHALLENGE Get ready. A group of monsters is on the prowl. And they'll make sure you never look the same. Don't worry. Monsters is the designation for the very friendly team at bundlemonster.com. This savvy group loves getting their claws on the hottest, trendiest items in fashion and beauty, offering the prized goods online...
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Super Solution

www.supercircuits.com   PROBLEM/CHALLENGE These people see great distances … Hear sounds undetectable by ordinary humans. But they are not superheroes. They're the customers of Supercircuits. Launched in 1989, Supercircutis provides cutting-edge audio and video surveillance solutions to everything from major corporations to individuals. Current customer count surpasses 400,000 in the US alone. Globally, that number...
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Beauty Circles the Globe

  http://www.michaeltoddtrueorganics.com/ PROBLEM/CHALLENGE Sonic Eraser, Clear Bi-Light, Eye-o-Sonic, and The Soniclear... Powerful devices packed into an Imperial Cruiser? No, powerful skin-enhancing tools. Along with a complete line of natural skin care products, these little miracles were developed by skin-care leader Michael Todd True Organics. Indeed, the company's cutting edge products had performed admirably in the...
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Clothes That Really Bring Out the Animal

www.blueberrypet.com PROBLEM/CHALLENGE Where do all the best dressed cats and dogs get their clothes? … Blueberrypet.com. This is high fashion for the furry, crafted by cutting-edge designers who know what it takes to keep VIPs (very important pets) stepping out in style. We're talking sweaters, hoodies, tanks, and even dresses for those special occasions. Blueberry...
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SILK is Retailer’s Santa Claus

www.mycoolcell.com PROBLEM/CHALLENGE Only two weeks. That's how long it took sales to nosedive for MyCoolCell.com, a newly-launched online retailer of accessories for mobile devices. By the time those weeks had elapsed, the struggling company has lost a staggering 70% of its customers. Darkening their skies even more, the holiday season was only weeks away. Unless...
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SILK Software Gives Apparel Retailer the Blues And More

www.headcovers.com PROBLEM/CHALLENGE She wants a wig in the perfect shade of blonde. So she dives into your retail site and searches the selection. Nothing is right. Frustrated, she leaves, never again to return. This was a common scenario for Headcovers, an online retailer of headwear and wigs. Customers arrived with high expectations and often left...
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SILK’s Managed Services Gives Culture a Whole New Pace

www.eventnetwork.com   Overview   It's a major challenge to manage just one gift shop for a cultural attraction such as a museum, science center, botanical garden, or aquarium. San Diego-based Event Network manages over 100 of these stores, each of which has its own online store. Their partners include The Natural History Museum of Los...
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