SILK Builds Product Finder to Help Customers Find Exact Part!

  Moving Up Garage Doors is a leading supplier in the garage door industry. Having been in the industry for many years, their web presence began to show it's age with an outdated non-responsive website. Seeking to rejuvenate it's online web presence and get in touch with today's mobile savvy consumers, Moving Up Garage Doors...
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SILK Mobilizes Mobile Retailer

  Is there anything more annoying than being out and about then having your mobile phone battery die? When your phone is out of commission so are you!   Keeping phones charged and keeping you in the game is the mission of PowerSkin, a retailer of mobile accessories who believes everyone should live life, fully...
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SILK Software Announces B2B Solutions With Magento And SAP Business One

Irvine, CA - SILK Software's team of eCommerce specialists announced today that they would be implementing B2B integration solutions with Magento and SAP Business One. SILK has aligned with SAP Business One, a leading ERP software, to offer multiple B2B eCommerce solutions packages, thus fueling the integration of two systems at a competitive price. SILK's...
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SILK Elaborates on Cross Border eCommerece at Imagine Conference


Streamline Your Business Operations by Integrating Magento with SAP Business One!


SILK Creates Special Feature for B2B Client

SPECIAL ORDERS MADE EASY SILK Software's acclaimed Magento B2B services actually consist of several distinct solutions, each designed to enhance the performance of digital commerce. Recently, our team had the opportunity to provide one of these B2B solutions to online retailer 8Net. Based in California's City of Industry, 8Net is a prominent retailer of business...
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SILK Delivers Mobile Site & Keeps SAP Business One Integration Working Flawlessly

PROBLEM/CHALLENGE A great big world? Not for AmScope. The high-profile company is one of the world's leading suppliers of microscopes and related accessories. From laboratories to classrooms, AmScope products deliver microscopic vividness in a variety of settings. Their customers cover the complete spectrum of disciplines and professions. Scientists, healthcare professionals, industrial inspectors, metallurgists, and jewelers...
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Mobile Goes Mobile

How can a cool retailer of mobile accessories maintain their coolness when it lacks mobile muscle? This very question faced mycoolcell.com. A popular retailer of cell phone accessories, mycoolcell.com urgently needed to beef up its mobile presence, and snap up the look of its site. Their coolness was on the line. Not to mention a...
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The Solution to Servers Gone Wild

CHALLENGE Maybe it's the long hours. The constant questions. The blizzard of information. Or a million and one other occupational hazards. But some servers just can't cut it. Some even completely lose it. That was the case with precious metal retailer goldmart.com. Business was booming. But the company's server had a mind of its own....
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Building a Better Hangout for Heroes

  PROBLEM/CHALLENGE So, you rock Final Fantasy, rule Middle-earth … Well, stop gloating. You're no real hero until you can zing opponents with tiny plastic pellets. Known as Airsoft, this sport is both excellent recreation and the perfect way to dodge debt collectors. Sure, it might sting a little. But that's only if you get...
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